Fenty Skin Update: Pros & Cons

Fenty Skin Update: Pros & Cons


It’s been over a month since I first tried the Fenty Skin line. If you seen my last blog post or video on these products you know that I committed to solely trying them for at least an entire month, and nothing else. Welp I did! Here are my final thoughts along with some pros and cons I discovered along the way.

1. My Skin Feels Good

MY skin feels amazing immediately after I put this stuff on and even into the next morning. It feels soft, moisturized and not stripped of moisture.

2. Skin Is Less Oily

Speaking of my skin feeling good into the next morning, it also feels less oily! Normally when I wake up I feel a little greasy but that has not been the case since I’ve been using these products.

3. Dark Spots Quickly Disappeared

So before I started using Fenty Skin, I had some breakouts that were a result of me trying a new product. Those breakouts went away, and I was left with some dark spots. It seemed like they’ve been taking their sweet time going away, but once I started using Fenty Skin? Gone, gone and gone! I believe this is due to ingredients like Barbados cherries, niacinamide and more that really focus on getting rid of hyperpigmentation/dark spots — clealy it works!

4. Didn’t See A Difference In Pores

The Fat Water Pore-Refining Toner Serum claims to refine the look of pores and dark spots without stripping the skin. Unfortunately I didn’t see much of a difference in my pores (although I definitely seen a difference in my dark spots, they basically disappeared). But I still love this stuff and will continue purchasing it!

5. Packaging Of Total Cleans’r Can Be The Struggle

So here’s my thing with the packaging of the Total Cleans’r it reminds me of toothpaste. You know when you get halfway down to the toothpaste and have to do the most to squeeze it out? It’s the same with this cleanser! I wish the packaging was more like the Fat Water or moisturizer. I love the product, but hate the packaging!

Overall I think it’s worth the purchase. If you get nothing from this line I highly recommend you at least get the fat water pore refining serum toner. I love that it’s a serum and toner in one. Although it didn’t do much for my pores, I truly believe it played a major role in getting rid of my dark spots (and the packaging is everything of course)!

You can now purchase the mini set of the Fenty Skin line for just $40 (instead of $75 for the whole set). Check it out here!




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