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Valentine’s Vibes

Dress: SHEIN  Jewelry: Paparazzi Accessories   This week I’m sending a friendly reminder to love yourself girl or nobody will (we can thank brother J.Cole for that mighty word lol). We get so caught up in our singleness or taken-ness during Valentine’s…


Black & Gold Jumpsuit

  Jumpsuit: SHEIN   Last week the world celebrated the legacy of the late great Dr Martin Luther King Jr. special events were happening all across the state and world, but I had the pleasure of emceeing the 23rd Annual…


Bare Minerals Blemish Rescue Concealer Review

Whether you have acne prone skin or get a new friend that pops up during that time of the month, I’m sure we can all agree that we hate blemishes.  This is especially true for me. I used to struggle…


Create Your Own Happiness

I am a huge fan of empowerment tees and apparel in general. I believe in making a statement with what I wear, and this shirt literally does just that. It’s a statement that I’ve seen worded a few different ways:…


Finding Peace in the Process

It’s so easy to be SO hard on ourselves. 2019 is filled with so many hopes, desires and expectations. So much so, that it can be stressful and overwhelming. The key to getting through the process is having peace in…


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