Subtle black smokey eye + classic red lip

Subtle black smokey eye + classic red lip


A classic red lip is one of my faves. Usually when rocking this sassy lip color I like to go in with either neutral eyeshadow or none at all!

This day I decided to switch it up a bit…and I think the inspiration came from my fierce, cold shoulder black top. To make sure that my eye look wasn’t TOO plain, I decided to do something I’ve never done- use black eyeshadow and black eyeshadow only! Now the scary thing about black eyeshadow is that once you go black, you can’t go back. It’s very hard and almost impossible to fix mistakes with black eyeshadow unless you’re down with starting over on your entire eye look. Due to this very fact, my application for this eye look consisted of me going in with the black eyeshadow a tiny bit at a time.

Starting in the outer corner of my eye, I applied the shadow in circular motion and blended it more than halfway into my crease. I softly blended it upward to smoke out the eyeshadow. The darker I wanted it (but not too dark!) the more eyeshadow I applied. I also went lightly into my lower lid with black eyeshadow. To bring a little bit of light into the darkness, I added a bit of highlighter to my tear ducts (per usual). Instead of using eyeliner, I used a couple of coats of mascara. I loved the way this look came out!

FOUNDATION: Urban Decay- “all nighter” full coverage+matte liquid foundation

CONTOUR: Tartiest contour palette x Tarte cosmetics

EYES: Lorac pro 3 eyeshadow palette- “jet black”

HIGHLIGHTER: Mary Lou-manizer highlighter x The Balm Cosmetics

LIPS: Lorac liquid lipstick- “berry red” 💋


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