Wine-ing Down

Wine-ing Down

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Sometimes we get so busy with work, school, and responsibilities that we eventually get burnt out. Then, when we finally get an off day, the first thing that comes to mind is spending it doing absolutely nothing.

Although days like this aren’t a bad thing, too many of them ARE. Think about it, you invest so much of your time into working, studying, (and stressing)- that you almost have no life outside of these things.

I always tell myself that I wasn’t put on this earth to go to work, pay bills, stress, and repeat. I’m here to live a FULFILLED life, and to do that I have to take care of business AND myself.

Sometimes you just need to wind down! So much of our time goes toward work and responsibilities- we need to make sure we’re investing time into ourselves and LIVING.

After a busy and stressful week, I went to the cutest winery with some coworkers- we sampled every wine on the menu. Something so simple yet so fulfilling!

And to think I almost spent the day lying on my couch watching Netflix because I was “burnt out” from the week. Taking a few hours to do something as simple as sipping on some wine prepared me greatly for the work week to come. Plus I still had time to watch a couple of shows later on 😉

Its okay to grind and get your hustle on, but don’t forget to wind down and get your chill on (off the couch)!

P.S.- What are some ways that you like to wind down after a busy week? Comment below!


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