Ol-looove Green Dress

Ol-looove Green Dress

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There are two great things about this dress:

  1. It’s one of my absolute favorite colors to wear
  2. I caught it on sale

I got it from this store called Maurice’s. Here’s a little fun fact, I’ve never stepped foot into this store until I started working there around my sophomore year of college (oh how I miss that employee discount)! If I’m not shopping there for a special occasion, I usually head to the back and check out the sales rack…which can still be a bit pricey depending on what you pick up.

When I first seen this dress, it was the color that stood out to me more than anything. I didn’t think the dress itself was alll that until I actually put it on- and let me tell you, I fell in LOVE! The dress fit me perfectly, hugging every little curve of mine with the most comfortable suede material. I also loved how simple yet elegant it was, especially with the drapage on the side.

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I’m always looking for bomb dresses to wear on air for work, and as you can see- this one made the cut! I paired it with a statement necklace that I also got from Maurice’s back in the day (it was a company Christmas gift! Goodness I miss that place).

IMG_1595IMG_1566 (2)


It was super easy picking out a bag of the day, my olive green handbag went perfectly!

As for the shoes, I almost kept it simple and wore some nude baby doll shoes. However, I decided to add a little bit of drama with some super cute nude booties (plus they make me look taller, can’t go wrong with that). I was so glad our crazy weather gave me a chance to rock this long sleeved dress before summer started.

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You can never go wrong with a simple dress on sale!


Keep it classy,





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