Closet Editing Tips for Summer

Closet Editing Tips for Summer

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Summer so-called “started”on June 21st, but with the crazy, up and down weather…I couldn’t tell. NOW it seems like one of my favorite seasons has FINALLY and OFFICIALLY began.

Last month I was so torn when it came to my wardrobe. I literally had long sleeves and sweaters mixed with summer dresses and rompers. Consistency was never in the forecast and I just didn’t know what to expect…so I had to be ready for whatever.

Now It feels like a weight has been lifted, and I can finally breathe a breath of fresh air again. ‘Tis the season for bright and fun summer colors, patterns, sassy shoes, and YES it’s time to switch that bag (which I have yet to do…haha)! Best of all, we’ve got the weather to match!


But first things first, when you have a new found freedom from the previous season…closet editing! It definitely sounds more fun than it looks, and halfway through the process you’ll want to call it quits- but it’s SO worth it.


This process involves taking all of the previous season’s clothes out of your drawers and off the hangers. You’ll also want to get out-of-season shoes and accessories (scarfs, gloves, winter hates, etc), Simply place them into separate totes/bags, and replace the current space in your closet and drawers with this season’s clothes.


This is also a great time to get rid of items that are out of style or that you can simply do without. Once again, this sounds waaay easier then it will be, especially if you have waaaay too many clothes like myself.

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Personally, after making the change, it’s much easier to pick out my outfit for the day and find certain items. I no longer have a love hate relationship with entering my closet…it’s all love!

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Happy HOT Summer ladies, I hope you slay this season!


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