Patterned Summer Jumpsuit

It’s clear that summer is coming to an end (inserts crying emoji)…so here’s one of my FAVORITE summer pieces!

There’s things that we love individually about different outfits,  but when one can make multiple checks at once…you’ve got yourself a winner!

Which brings me to this piece:


1. Ca-uuute! ✔️

Turquoise and navy blue paired together is absolutely beautiful!


2. Comfortable ✔️

Come on, who doesn’t love an             easy piece that you just have to slide on, and keep it moving?! Plus the lightweight material is perfect for warm days!

3. Poppin’ (unique/stands out) ✔️

The pattern throughout this piece is what made it a must-have for me!



This is something that you can just throw on and pair with a jean jacket for a chill day, or dress it up with bomb jewelry and shoes if you’re trying to slay (the rhyming was unintentional lol, but it’s true!).


Patterned Jumpsuit: Maurice’s






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