Life Update + My Favorite Purple Pants

Life Update + My Favorite Purple Pants


I’ve been feeling incredibly blessed, and it’s all because of the man upstairs and staying focused on my goals.

IMG_1893 (2)


A few months after graduating college last year (go blue 💙💛) I landed a job up north in Alpena as an Anchor/Reporter. Now let me tell you, I have never been that far north in my life! It was definitely a change of scenery for a city girl like myself.

Anywho, I managed to make my way back home to mid Michigan as an Anchor/Reporter at a news station in Saginaw…accomplishing a pretty big market jump!

Words can’t explain how amazing it feels to be back closer to my family and my love. On top of that I get to do what I love Monday through Friday- which, you know how the saying goes…I forget that I’m even “working”!

I just want to encourage everyone to take some time and figure out what you want in life. Once you’ve done that, make a list! Write down your goals and the steps it will take to accomplish them. Stay focused and stay prayed up!

Now to something else I’m pretty excited about…these pants!

IMG_1885 (3)IMG_1886 (3)


Literally my favorite pair ever. I would honestly probably wear them everyday if I had one in every color imaginable (heck, maybe if I didn’t and it wasn’t frowned upon…ha!)…and here’s why:

Fave color. Yes purple is my absolute favorite color. Which isn’t a coincidence since purple means royalty and well, you know 👑



Comfy. I live for comfortable clothes and shoes, especially when they’re cute! These are just that!


Professional yet fun! The fact that I can wear these to work, or just for an everyday


IMG_4456IMG_1894 (2)

IMG_1897 (2)





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