Winter Ready: Layers & Boots

Winter Ready: Layers & Boots



The leaves are still on the ground here in Michigan, but these temperatures are no joke! As a matter of fact, we’ve had a couple of days of snow flurries here already!

So I ask you this…are you ready for Winter? Personally, the holidays associated with cold weather are my absolute favorites- Thanksgiving and Christmas!

But on the other hand, the cold temperatures and snow? That’s that stuff I don’t like *in my Chief Keef voice* ! Which is why I don’t play when it comes to dressing for winter- Layers and boots are a MUST.


Here I’m wearing one of my favorite pair of boots that I ordered from CR (I think I shop online more than I do in store…ha!)





I LOVE them because they’re knee-high and olive green… which is one of my favorite colors to wear. The suede material is a plus because it keeps your legs nice and warm during the cold months.



Now I fondly refer to this sweater as my “granny sweater” lol. I bought it some years back at a thrift store for less than $10. I love wearing it because it’s long, warm, and knitted! I usually pair it with high waist jeans, a simple long sleeve, or t-shirt dresses like this one (make sure when it gets extra cold you grab some tights or leggings).

IMG_2592 (2).jpgIMG_2635IMG_2640 (2).jpgIMG_2648 (2).jpg

If you’ve seen my last blog post you’re probably familiar with my love for t shirt dresses. I bought this one on clearance at Kohl’s, from their APT 9 collection (once again you’re probably familiar of how much I love this brand lol). I was so happy when I found this gem for only $12!

**tip: it’s a great idea to check out clearance items when entering a new season. You can catch great deals that’ll be back to normal prices next year.

Shop the Look:





Dress: Apt. 9 | Boots: Charlotte Russe| Sweater: Thrift store


Happy holidays 💋



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