Love In the Air: Valentine’s Day Outfit

Love In the Air: Valentine’s Day Outfit



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Love is such a beautiful thing!

Whether it’s self-love, relationship love, the love of a friend or  family …it’s so powerful and uplifting that it should be celebrated. Valentine’s day is a mere reminder of just that! I love the flowers, chocolates, vibes…pretty much everything about it (except for those Fifty Shades of Grey movies lol). Another fave is the fact that red is such a staple color of this love-day. Sure you can wear pinks and other colors…but come on, it doesn’t get any hotter than red.

I got this little red dress from a thrift store for less than $20. I love how simple yet stunning it is. Pairing it with some pearls and a white necklace allowed sexy to meet elegance. Bam!

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Valentine’s Day Essentials:

No matter what you’re wearing or how you’re celebrating, there are some key essentials that you absolutely must have.

  • Scented body butter or lotion– these are super moisturizing and give you a nice glow and smell.
  • Perfume– but not just any perfume. You want to go for a flirty or floral scent.
  • Lipstick or gloss– personally I prefer red lipstick…but hey, do you!
  • Lashes (or mascara)– give your lashes a little pop for the occasion. If falsies aren’t your thing, a little mascara goes a long way.

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Date ideas:

Whether you’re celebrating with your love or having a Galentines (or Guyentines for the fellas) day with your friends, there’s something for everyone to do!

  • Valentine’s Day Wine dinner– Wining and dining at it’s finest! Enjoy a six course meal prepared by an executive Chef along with wine choices. They even have a vegetarian menu!
  • ‘Love Her, Love Him’ Poetry Night– Celebrate love with an evening of poetry and song, plus dinner and drinks are available.
  • Couple’s massage– It doesn’t get any more relaxing  and romantic than this! Most spas offer couple’s massages, and this is something that can be done with a significant other or friends.
  • Painting with a (love) Twist– This is such a fun outing! Spice it up with a custom playlist of slow jams, bring some wine, food or desserts- get creative and get your Picasso on!
  • Indoor picnic– It’s obviously too cold to have a romantic picnic outside, but don’t let that stop you! If you do this you have to REALLY set the mood. Keep them busy while you light some candles, cook dinner or order carryout- and you already know I’m going to suggest wine! Roses or rose petals would be a lovely touch. Don’t forget that custom playlist (:

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What are your plans for Valentine’s Day? Share them below!





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