Olive Green Paper-bag Trousers

Olive Green Paper-bag  Trousers

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Hey guys, it’s been a while! Sorry I’ve been MIA, my life has been crazy busy as you can see with this super late post.

  1. I feel like we’re at this awkward phase where it’s not safe to bring out the spring clothes just yet, but then again you can’t help it because any amount of sunshine is a blessing. Hopefully I can start posting spring looks soon, but until then, check out these pants!

Scratch all that above! When I began working on this post we were at that awkward phase where Winter was still trying to hold on (even though it was Spring), but GOOD NEWS these pants are great for either season.

If you’ve seen my “favorite purple pants post”, then you know how much I absolutely love high waist/paper bag pants. I lucked up and found another pair (wasn’t even looking for them) at Forever 21 and went crazy. I started to grab them in every color, but lucky for my wallet they weren’t all available in my size.

You can’t go wrong with these pants! They’re cute, comfortable and you can wear them to work (like I’ve done) or for an everyday look (done this too)!





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