Wedding Wear

Wedding Wear


I absolutely LOVE weddings. Celebrating love and new unions is a special kind of fun and I’m happy whenever I can be apart of it.

I recently attended a wedding at one of my favorite locations ever – the James Scott Memorial Fountain on Belle Isle, in Detroit. Everything was SO beautiful… but then again how could it not be in front of that amazing fountain. Outside weddings are so risky because you never know how the weather is going to cooperate (especially here in Michigan). Luckily mother  nature held up her end of the bargain and everything went great.

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Now attending the wedding is one thing, but actually knowing what you’re going to wear prior to it is another. Sometimes people don’t put much thought into it, but I believe there are do’s and don’ts that all guests should abide by (bear with me):

Wedding Wear DO’S

  • Semi-formal/formal dress
  • Heels, wedges, comfortable ballet flats
  • Mid-knee length skirt
  • Blouses
  • Dress pants


Wedding Wear DON’TS

  • Maxi dress/ basic t-shirt dress
  • Mini skirt
  • Flip flops
  • T-shirt
  • Jeans

A personal wedding wear DON’T is wearing white. I’ve always thought that color should be reserved for the bride on her day, but hey that’s just me (please don’t show up to my wedding wearing white lol).


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My go-to colors for weddings are usually neutral or dark tones like this navy blue dress that I got from Charlotte Russe. Avoid any crazy neon colors (and white). Blush tones are also PERFECT for the occassion.


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