How to Shop on a Budget and Still Look Fabulous!

How to Shop on a Budget and Still Look Fabulous!


Its no secret that I absolutely love shopping and fashion (hence the style blog), but really, who doesn’t? However I’ve reached a point in my life where saving my coins, maximizing my income, elevating my credit score and all of that amazing “adult stuff” is my top priority. Recently I’ve been budgeting, and I mean budgeting for real (because before I called myself “budgeting” and was putting money left over that I didn’t spend into my savings). Now, my bills are still a priority but my savings come second to that — so whatever’s left over from that is my “spending money”.


With that being said, sometimes splurging on clothes isn’t within the budget. I’m sure many of you can relate! But we still gotta look cute right? RIGHT! I’ve come here to tell you today that looking fabulous and saving your coins is completely possible. Here are my top tips for shopping on a budget:

1. Catch a Sale

Keep an eye out for any sales. They’re big around holidays, but you can almost always catch them on Fridays (cause companies know we just got paid). Be sure to sign-up for email alerts from your favorite shops…you get a discount anywhere from 15-25% and will always know the latest on sales.

2. Clearance Rack

Do not sleep on the clearance rack, okay? The markdowns are amazing, and as a former employee in retail I can tell you there’s a good chance some of that stuff will be back the following year at regular price – so you’ll be getting quite the deal!

3. Thrifting

You know what they say, one (wo)man’s trash is another (wo)man’s treasure. The thrift store can be filled with great finds at unbelievable prices. You can honestly do damage with just $20. This is a great shopping method if you’re low on funds but need to add to your wardrobe.

4. Mix the Old with the New

Adding new pieces to an old outfit or mixing old pieces with a new outfit really does wonders! You can do this with accessories, shoes, outerwear, etc. Plus you save some coins by not needing to completely purchase a new outfit.


This entire outfit cost me less than $30. The striped jumpsuit was on clearance at my favorite store – Charlotte Russe – for just $11.99. I bought new accessories (also from Charlotte Russe) and added my Michael Kors smart watch to the mix.


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