Easy Home Decor for the Fall Season

Easy Home Decor for the Fall Season



Happy Fall Y’all!

Nothing says “welcome” to the new season like sprucing up your home decor. That means all things pumpkin spice, pumpkins period, Fall colors and more.

Now Fall flies by FAST, so although I love to decorate around the house, I also like to keep it simple.


I’m SO happy I was able to incorporate Fall into my home without going all out. I stuck to the basics — pumpkins, garland, Fall quotes and of course pumpkin spice scented candles.  Oh yes, and I can’t forget my fabulous wreath that goes perfectly with my door.

B9A01D50-F7AB-41BA-8E50-24E6759D9E62E91DB790-0B2C-41B0-877C-80B1EF80C0F63C959581-723A-4EA0-8DB3-87AD2722BA64E5174F3C-D27F-40B8-847E-86F41FC8C4D2When I’m intentionally shopping for anything creative or decor wise, I usually hit up Joann’s or Michael’s. They almost always have really good deals or coupons. Now I’ve also seen some great items at Kohl’s, Burlington, Walmart and the Christmas Tree Shops (did anyone else think this place only sold items for the Christmas season? Lol). They actually have all of your seasonal decor needs, and I’ll definitely be shopping there more!

IMG_4665 (4).JPG

(Tip: if you shop mid-season for decor, you’re likely to catch a deal—up to 50% off or more. My wreath was originally $30 and I got it for $15 😊)



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