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NAACP Banquet + What to Wear When Hosting


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I had the pleasure of hosting the NAACP 62nd Annual Freedom Fund Banquet over the weekend. This was my second year in a row hosting the event, and I was so glad the President of the Bay City chapter invited me back.

The NAACP is the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. The mission of ensuring political, educational, economic and social rights for ALL people has been ongoing since 1909 and continues today. I was so moved by this years theme “Solidarity, Now More than Ever”. With so much going on in the world, so much hate, it was a reminder that when we come together and work together, amazing things can happen. Change can happen. This was proved in our recent mid-term elections as we had a historically record setting voter turnout and many notable firsts (first Muslim congresswoman, first openly gay governor, etc). Not trying to get all political on you guys but this is why it’s so important to VOTE and allow your voice to be heard. Silence solves nothing.

Anyways, let’s get into this dress. Whenever I’m hosting an event, black is the safest way to go! I typically dress according to the tone of the event too. If it’s more serious I’ll stick to dark solid colors, but if it’s a fun event I like to get into brighter colors and even prints (nothing too crazy). This is a great rule to follow even if you’re a guest!

Since I hosted the event last year (and played it safe with a black lace dress), I knew exactly what to wear so that I wouldn’t be over-dressed or under dressed. I wore this simple black dress with beautiful statement sleeves, and paired it with a black and silver statement necklace. I received so many compliments and most importantly felt comfortable and confident. That’s key when finding something to wear for an event you’re hosting — if it doesn’t make you feel confident put it back! 

Dress: Calvin Klein @ Burlington ($20 🙌🏽) | Shoes: Charlotte Russe

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