Sweater Weather: Cropped Fringe Sweater

Sweater Weather: Cropped Fringe Sweater

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Unfortunately, Winter got started a bit early here in Michigan.

It’s as if I blinked and BOOM it was here. Fall flew bye way too fast! As much as I hate Winter, there are two things I absolutely love about it: how pretty the snow looks AND sweaters.

I recently ordered this cropped fringe sweater from an online boutique called Fifth Sole. They have so many cute and unique items from clothing to statement footwear. I was so happy to support this line, especially since its a Detroit based brand!

It’s sweaters like this that help me survive this time of year. The ones that aren’t just baggy and warm, but cute with a little bit of flair to it. I’m also a fan of open-back, cold shoulder, and off the shoulder sweaters with either cute embellishments or designs. 

I may share more of my faves on the blog to help get us through these cold months.


BONUS: Get 20% off of your first order with Fifth Sole and check out other sales on their site. You won’t be disappointed!


Happy early Winter, stay warm!




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