Easy Dollar Store Decor for Christmas

I say this all the time — DO NOT sleep on the dollar store.


After doing plenty of shopping at major stores for my main holiday decor necessities (wreath, centerpiece, decorative ribbon, Christmas bulbs, etc) I decided to stop by Dollar Tree for some last minute, cheap finds!

I was pretty impressed. They had garland, ribbons, cute little snow globes, decorative clips, holiday wine glasses and so much more! Suddenly, I was inspired (and with the help of Pinterest) the creativity hit me HARD.

Here’s what I ended up with:


I was really determined to incorporate garland into my holiday decor this year. I wasn’t a fan of how bulky it was at a lot of the major stores, so I was super happy to find some basic garland at the Dollar Tree.

I also bought decorative clips to add some character and color to the garland. Ribbons were also purchased to add to the garland that would drape the staircase (clearly I planned on garland basically being all over the house lol).

Lastly, I wanted a cute candy counter for my kitchen. I got the idea from Pinterest! All I needed was a vase or two, ribbon and candy! They originally used green, red and silver Hershey’s kisses, I decided to do the same except with these chocolate candy balls that I found at the store. Each vase was a dollar (duh), and I came up with the idea to do something different with the round vase by adding candy canes to the mix.




Here are some other non-dollar store decor finds:


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