On That Note…#Hello2019

On That Note…#Hello2019


The new year is almost here and of course I can’t help but reflect on my 2018. I thought it’d be a great idea to blog about the highlights of my year! I’ll be sharing some of my favorite experiences with you and able to look back on them for myself. Before the start of every new year, I always write down things I’m passionate about accomplishing in my goal journal. It feels amazing to say that every major thing I wanted to accomplish, I did- and then some. Take a look!

1. Visit Chicago

Now I’ve been to Ohio, Florida, North Carolina, Texas and even Mississippi. But I had yet to go to Chicago…which is ridiculous when you think of how close it is to Michigan lol. I’d literally been plotting on going to Chicago for the LONGEST. I was finally able to make it happen through a girls trip with my mom and sisters. We had SO much to celebrate— birthdays (mine July 11th, moms July 16th), career elevation, business ventures and my little sister going off to college *insert tears*

2. #NABJ2018

Every year the National Association of Black Journalists host a conference in a different state. This year it was in my hometown of Detroit, and it was my very first NABJ experience. I felt rebirthed as a journalist. The workshops were insightful and engaging, the networking was unending, and I was unexpectantly able to meet some of my favorite celebrities. Just WOW! Next year’s conference will be in Miami and I cannot wait!

3. See Beyonce in Concert

I can’t even begin to explain what this day meant to me. If you know me, I mean truly know me, then you know that I am a huge Beyoncé fan and have been since Day 1. At one point, I thought I was going to grow up and be Beyoncé one day. My confidence is at the level it’s at because of her and Sasha Fierce (the Bey hive know what’s up). I remember one Christmas I got the Beyoncé Experience DVD and my first cell phone…guess which one I was more excited about (here’s a hint, not the phone lol). This was my first ever Beyoncé concert (she was accompanied by Jay Z) and it was so unreal. Hours of my favorite songs, sung by my favorite artist — I’m not sure if I lost my voice or hearing this day, but it didn’t matter. I was in the presence of Queen B and my life had been made!



4. Michelle Obama Book Tour

This is something I did not have planned for the year of 2018. In fact, it was quite last minute. I was gifted Michelle Obama’s book “Becoming” and was hooked before even finishing. She is such an inspiration and her story is incredible. I got tickets for the book tour just a few days before the event. I was able to take my grandma (who I think loves Michelle more than all of us combined lol) and we had amazing seats! Although I was already in the middle of reading her book, being in her presence and hearing her verbally share her story was a different experience on a whole other level. I felt so empowered, unstoppable and invincible. She was so relatable, down to earth, authentic and transparent. Our #ForeverFirstLady!

What a year! I had some amazing experiences in 2018, met some awesome people and was just so inspired. Instead of setting a New Year’s resolution, I typically set goals. In 2019 I hope to travel more (at least 3 or 4 locations), Grow spiritually by starting a prayer journal and writing in it consistently, I hope to see growth in my relationship by communicating better and having a fulfilling year together, I hope to continue elevating in my career by honing my skills and growing as an anchor and reporter, and lastly I’m excited to continue growing my brand and blog. Just looking back on my growth from 2017-2018 has been a huge motivation. I went from single and even double digit views to the triple digits. Thank you all for your support. Now let’s secure the bag in 2019 TOGETHER!



On that note, cheers to the New Year and the success that awaits us 🥂🎉

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