Create Your Own Happiness

Create Your Own Happiness





I am a huge fan of empowerment tees and apparel in general. I believe in making a statement with what I wear, and this shirt literally does just that.

It’s a statement that I’ve seen worded a few different ways: “Live the life you love”, “Design the life you want to live”, “Do what makes your soul happy”, and of course “Create your own happiness”.

I think all of these quotes are simple reminders that the quality of our lives and the extent of our happiness depends on us. We have the power to create our own happiness, and we shouldn’t rely on others for that.

It’s okay to catch a movie by yourself, have a solo dinner date, attend an event on your own, and even (for you brave souls out there) to travel solo. Too often we miss out on things and experiencing life because if people aren’t down or available to join, we just say forget it.

A huge part of this is caring way too much about what people think. Even when it comes to our everyday lifestyle. But that’s giving them the power to dictate your happiness.


Whatever makes you happy, DO IT.

Whatever experiences you desire to have, DO IT.

Whatever life you want to live and the steps it takes to get there, DO IT.

Whatever brings you happiness, DO IT.






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