New Beginnings

New Beginnings




“Trust the magic of new beginnings”

I’ve been slipping on my promised weekly blog posts, but it’s for a good reason!

If you don’t follow me on social media (do so now @JamieSherrodTV lol) you’ve probably missed a pretty big announcement in my life!

I’ve recently been promoted at work to Weekend Anchor/Reporter. I’ve been working in my new schedule for the past couple of weeks and I have been on cloud nine! 

Previously my day went a little something like this:

2:00AM — Wakeup

3:30AM — Clock into work

4:30AM — Deliver morning traffic reports

– 7AM 

9:00AM — Anchor 9AM News

10:00AM — (depending on the day, go out and work on “special feature story” for news

11:30AM — Clock out

I had early mornings and even an early bed time (usually around 6-7pm). I’d cook dinner on Sundays and head to the gym a few days out of the week, usually a couple of hours after work. Oh and naps, I used to take those too!

Now, I get to enjoy the luxury of staying up later and sleeping in. Another favorite I’ve been enjoying is actually having the time to cook breakfast before I head out to work. I report dayside a few days out of the week and anchor weekend nights, I also get to enjoy Thursday’s and Friday’s as my weekend 🙂

Yes for now, I’ll be “sacrificing” my weekend nights, but all I see is my end goal in this industry and it’s so worth it!


I’m elated because I literally prayed for this position for MONTHS and even put it on my vision board. Although I’m still adjusting and figuring out what days to cook, hit the gym and work on blogging, I am so grateful for this opportunity and looking forward to more growth as a journalist.

Cheers to new beginnings! I hope you’re chasing down your dreams, because the chase pays off!



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