How to Choose the Perfect Airbnb!

How to Choose the Perfect Airbnb!

Take me back!

I used to be so skeptical of Airbnb’s…especially after seeing that one Netflix movie (if you know, you know), but after staying in this beautiful home in Harvey, Louisiana my entire perspective has changed.

Airbnb’s are great if you’re traveling with a big group and/or for special occasions. I love that it feels like a home away from home.

We decided to book one for our girls trip to NOLA. There was a total of of five of us (seven including my sister and her friend who attend college in the area, and stayed a couple nights with us).

Our Airbnb was equipped with four bedrooms (5 beds), three bathrooms (one which was inside of one of the bedrooms…yes mine lol), a beautiful kitchen, theatre/living room, and an entertainment area/bar (that was fully stocked okay?!). What I loved most about staying here, besides this place being able to accommodate all of us, was the AH-MAZING decor all throughout the house.

If you’re curious or planning on staying at an Airbnb, here are some tips on how to choose the PERFECT one:

1. Location

This is important for many reasons. You’ll want to make sure your Airbnb is in a nice and safe environment. Also, keep in mind the distance of your Airbnb from the places you plan to visit often throughout your vacation (we were about 15-30 minutes away from NOLA, which wasn’t bad because we were in a really nice neighborhood).

2. Accommodation (bedrooms)

How many people are you traveling with? You’ll want to make sure every one is accommodated for by making sure the Airbnb has enough bedrooms AND beds. I stray away from Airbnb’s with sofa beds because I like for everyone to sleep comfortably. You also have the option of sharing beds (Thankfully we had more than enough room, so this wasn’t necessary until my sister and her friend visited).

3. Decor

If you know me, you know I’m big on home decor and things being appealing to the eye — that was the entire vibe throughout the house. I was comfortable AND inspired to get back home and continue decorating my own house. However, on another note, great decor makes the Airbnb even cooler (I mean just look at the pics) and a much more enjoyable stay.

4. Reviews

Reviews are everything. They honestly cured my skepticism, and helped me see others’ experiences before making a commitment. There was nothing but good reviews on this particular Airbnb. I also loved how responsive the host was. You can check out cleanliness, thoughts on the neighborhood, quality of amenities and so much more by reading a simple review. Also, if you have an amazing stay (like I did) be sure to leave a review and help out the next potential guest!

Those are my top tips for choosing an Airbnb. If you plan on staying in one soon or have already, comment below! I’d love you hear your experience!

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  1. Anonymous
    May 10, 2019 / 11:22 am

    Thanks for your feedback on staying in an Airbnb! I have not used one yet, however, after this recommendation, I’ll be sure to follow your checklists on my next trip!! đŸ˜˜

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