The Best Place to Shop, Save & Slay!

The Best Place to Shop, Save & Slay!

Have you ever found yourself getting ready to go out for an event, girls night or date night…and have no idea what you’re going to wear?

I’m sure this is a story of MANY of our lives, mine included — in case that wasn’t clear.

The first thing that comes to mind is hitting the mall to find the PERFECT outfit. But guess what, you can find that perfect outfit AND save your coins, by shopping at one place in particular…


Did you think I was going to suggest a new store? Hahaha NOPE!

I was able to put this outfit together by challenging myself to go through my closets instead of going to the mall, and I did a pretty good job if I don’t say so myself. I bought this top from Forever 21 last year and have NEVER worn it.

I knew I wanted to be springy and cute for the Damien Escobar concert I was attending this night, so I paired it with high waist jeans from Charlotte Russe, white sandals and a white shoulder bag (also from forever 21). I went through my collection of earrings and decided to add these double cylindrical hoops to the mix…and WALLAH! A whole outfit for the night that cost me zero extra dollars.

Moral of the story, before you hit the mall, I challenge you to hit your closet first! It’s a great way to save money, utilize clothes you already have, and create new outfits you may have never worn.

Join the challenge! Before you say “I have nothing to wear,” dig a little deeper and see what you come up with!



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