A New Way to Shop Your Favorite Brands Online!

A New Way to Shop Your Favorite Brands Online!

I LOVE shopping, hence the beauty and style blog. But I will admit, I’m an avid online shopper who rarely ventures out to stores or the mall, although I love them both. Can you blame me though? Long lines? People? Finding an outfit you love just to hear “sorry, we’re sold out in that size”? No thanks. I like to avoid it as much as possible (although I still find joy in it from time to time).

I recently had the opportunity to work with a brand called Jewel, and OMG my online shopping experience will never be the same (and I mean that in a good way)! If you’ve never heard of Jewel, I’m going to tell you everything you need to know and why you should definitely get on board with this new way to shop your favorite brands online.

What Is Jewel?

Jewel is a Michigan-based e-commerce company that allows you to shop your favorite brands online and earn cash back.

Now, this is different than other cash back sites. You can actually shop your favorite LUXURY brands; such as Nike, Michael Kors, Ray Bans, Sephora and so much more! It even works on booking rooms for travel!

(SN: These are likely brands that rarely have sales, discounts or coupons, but you earn cash back so that’s a discount in itself).

How Does It Work?

  • First things first, you must sign up. You can do so here: sign up!
  • Then, you can choose a category (Men, Women, Health & Beauty, Athleisure, etc.) and click the brand you want to shop.
  • Next, Jewel will redirect you to that brands site. From there you shop like normal and check out like normal, but since you used Jewel to get to that site…you get cash back! You earn cash back on every single purchase made through Jewel (unlike shopping in stores and getting nothing in return), yes. shade thrown lol.

Things to Keep In Mind

  • Normally you’d receive a $5 bonus for signing up. But during the month of September you can sign up and get a $10 bonus!
  • Pay attention to each brand’s cash back percentage. The higher the percentage, the more money you get back.
  • Shop, pray, stay out the way — in other words, be patient! Don’t expect to earn a bunch of cash overnight (unless you’re making a bunch of purchases at once). But you will earn cash back on every purchase and that will add up.

My experience with Jewel has been amazing! Whenever I’m considering buying something, the first thing I do is check the site and see if that brand is available. If it is, I check out through Jewel instead of on the brands site or store — and although I’m spending money, some of that money is going back into my pocket.

Most of my purchases so far have been makeup, of course. I purchased the new Jackie Aina x ABH palette through Sephora, re-upped on some Fenty gloss and bought a new lipstick from MAC (yes you can shop with them too, and shipping is free).

All in all, I’m loving shopping through Jewel and I know you will too! Don’t forget to sign up!




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