Simple Steps to Improve Your Skincare Routine

My skincare routine has CHANGED over the years, and when I say changed I mean for the better. It’s crazy because small changes that I’ve incorporated into my routine, have caused my skin to drastically improve. So much so, that I am SUPER comfortable leaving the house makeup-free and even posting a bare faced selfie (refer to Instagram). This wasn’t always the case for me. But truth is, everyone should be comfortable with their skin and LOVE their skin — flaws and all. Everyone should also be aware of these simple steps to improve your skincare routine, ultimately improving your skin!

Know Your Skin Type

First and foremost, you need to know your skin type. This is super import because it allows you to know what products will actually benefit your skin (instead of choosing a popular cleanser that’s really for normal skin types, and unbeknownst to you, you have combination skin.

Here are the 5 skin types:

Normal – well balanced, not too dry or too oily.

Dry – tight throughout the day, flaky, thirsty as hell.

Oily – excess oil, shiny, greasy, acne prone.

Combination – Dry in some areas, oily in others (or vice versa)

Sensitive – visible redness, possible dryness, and feelings of discomfort.

Choose the Right Cleanser

Finding just any cleanser won’t do. You need to choose a cleanser tailored to your skin type:

Combo oily/oilygel or foam based cleanser.

Combo dry/dry — cream based cleanser.

Normal to oily — gels and foam based cleanser.

Normal to dry & sensitive — creams, lotions and milk based cleansers.

Lately I’ve been using the new St Ives Hydrating Daily Cleanser I received courtesy of Influenster, and I am in love! First of all, it smells AMAZING.

Secondly, it’s made with 100% natural watermelon extract, removes dirt, oil and impurities from the skin’s surface, and leaves your skin feeling refreshed and glowing. Not to mention after using makeup remover wipes, cleansing with this, and then using a toner — there was barely any makeup left over on my cotton pad (with just one wipe all over my face)! The watermelon cleanser is great for normal, dry, and even oily/combo oily skin types. Although it’s hydrating, it’s a foam cleanser so it doesn’t leave you feeling greasy at all! If you have sensitive skin, they also have a calming chamomile cleanser that is fragrance free and designed with your skin type in mind!

Use Facial Cleansing Brush

My facial cleansing brush has been a major key in improving my skin. It helps unclog and deep clean your pores, thoroughly removes toxins, and lifts those dead skin cells (and hyperpigmentation). If you have sensitive skin, be gentle or feel free to skip this step altogether.

Cleanse in Lukewarm Water, Rinse in Cold

You may think the hotter the water, the more germs and bacteria it’ll kill. WRONG! Using hot water can damage your skin by stripping away its natural essential oils. Instead, use lukewarm water when cleansing. It’s also recommended to rinse with lukewarm water as well. However I choose to rinse with cold water to tighten my pores after cleansing. #DoYouBoo

Add a Lip Scrub

So technically this isn’t your skin skin, but it’s the skin on your lips that need to be catered to as well. I didn’t know I needed a lip scrub in my life until I used St Ives Juicy Watermelon Lip Scrub bmade with 100% natural sugar (also received courtesy of Influenster). It smells amazing, just like the cleanser, and the softness of your lips after scrubbing all of that dead skin off?! Just thank me later!

I really hope you guys found this to be helpful! Taking care of our skin should be a priority, but sometimes knowing how to go about doing that can be difficult. I’m sure these simple steps will help you see the change in your skin that you desire, just like I did!



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