How to Prepare & Execute Networking Events!

How to Prepare & Execute Networking Events!

Networking events are key to growing, staying motivated and encouraged in your field of work and/or passion.

I had the amazing opportunity to attend my very first blogging event: Femology’s 100 Detroit Female Bloggers Campaign. First of all, thank you to all of my loyal followers, friends and family for voting for me to attend!Secondly, the event was epic and the epitome of women empowering women and networking.

The event took place at The Fed in Clarkston, MI. Th food was delicious, the atmosphere was amazing and the vibes were everything.

Whether you’re new to this or true to this, when it comes to networking events you should always be prepared and ready to execute!

Here’s how:

1. Dress to Impress

As soon as I received my invitation, I immediately began searching for possible outfits to wear online. Luckily, we were given a dress code of bright colored power suits and mini purses, so it made things a bit easier. If you plan on ordering your outfit for your event, be sure to do so in advance or prepare to pay for expedited shipping.

Also, you should always wear something that you feel comfortable and confident in, because when you look good you FEEL good and you need to be at your very best when it comes to networking.

2. Get Ready to Connect (and don’t be shy girl)!

En route to the event I felt so awkward and concerned because I was showing up BY MYSELF to a room full of bloggers I either didn’t know or were just Instagram friends with. The realization was so intimidating! But I quickly said a prayer and reminded myself, that’s the purpose of networking events like this; to mingle, meet new people and connect! So don’t be afraid sis, be excited! Introduce yourself, give out business cards and connect on social media!

3. Have Your Elevator Pitch Ready!

An elevator pitch is a short and sweet description of who you are, what you do, and how you do it. It is a MUST to have this down pact — especially for networking events — and to make sure you can deliver this information confidently without missing a beat!

4. Don’t Be Tardy for the (Networking) Party!

Confession: I recently starting watching the early seasons of Real Housewives of Atlanta, so if you know you know!


These events usually have a planned schedule, and you don’t want to miss anything. It’s a great idea to show up 10-15 minutes early for parking purposes and to collect yourself before making your grand entrance. Rushing is not cute, punctuality is.

I cannot wait to attend another blogger event, especially hosted by Femology!

Check out the behind the scenes video of this amazing event here!

Drop your suggestions on how to prepare and execute networking events below. Best of luck on ones you may attend in the future. best of Kill it, embrace it, and enjoy!



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