Tips for Traveling Solo!

Tips for Traveling Solo!

If you’ve been following me for a minute, you know the travel bug has bit your girl HARD.

I love traveling, but my past few trips have been with a GROUP. I had my first ever experience traveling all by my lonesome to Raleigh, North Carolina for my sweet cousin Penny’s baby shower, and I definitely learned a thing or two about traveling by myself.

Book Near the Airport!

If you’re traveling solo I strongly advise getting a hotel near the airport. This way when you land, you can easily use the airport shuttle to get to your hotel and vice versa when you need to get from your hotel back to the airport. This is also one less thing you’ll need to use an Uber for.

Find Hotels with Complimentary Breakfast/Dining Nearby

Luckily, I didn’t need to use an Uber at all since I had family here. However, I was tempted to take a trip to the Waffle House for breakfast…but did not want to sit and eat by myself lol. The breakfast at my hotel was actually really good, so I’d also suggest making sure wherever you’re staying has complimentary breakfast or a nice breakfast spot nearby.

Bring Items to Keep Busy

When you’re traveling alone, you don’t have the luxury to kill time with friends or family that you’re traveling with. I had a two hour layover both to North Carolina and back to Detroit, and it honestly flew by. I made sure I brought my iPad with movies already downloaded, my MacBook to play my Sims 4 (obsessed lol) and I also have many books downloaded on my phone (and iPad) that I was able to read.

Make the Most of Your Layovers & Flight Delays!

That’s if you have a layover. Although mine weren’t so bad, I would rather avoid them completely and get to where I have to go without waiting. However if you do find yourself in a layover situation, make the most of it! There are so many restaurants and stores at most airports. During my 2 hour layover in Newark, New Jersey I ate at this nice restaurant called Novella for breakfast (inside the airport) and watched a movie on my iPad while I ate. The vibes were AMAZING! Great food, great staff and great music! Afterwards I checked out a perfume and cosmetics store, and discovered Versace Bright Crystal needs to be added to my perfume collection ASAP.


You should always be aware of your surroundings in general, but especially if you’re traveling by yourself. Don’t be so glues to your devices that you don’t know what’s going on or who’s around you.

The baby shower was so beautiful and I had so much fun spending time with my cousin! I ended up being a makeup artist and photographer that night (yes, face beat by me!) and I loved capturing every moment of it. Flying solo for this was definitely worth it, and I can’t wait until baby Bryson arrives!

I feel so fulfilled, like a big girl pat on the back is well deserved lol! The thought of traveling alone can definitely be intimidating, especially if you’re someone who’s traveling to a destination without any family or friends there.

By the way, for this trip I booked through Priceline. Check out my latest video on if the money you save is worth booking with them:



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