4 Healthy Habits to Level Up Your Lifestyle

“Habits Are Not A finished line to be crossed, they are a lifestyle to be lived”

Our habits are so important, not only to our everyday lives, but our overall lifestyle. Last year was the year of habits for me — healthy and productive habits that I was able to stick to, and now, I cannot see myself going without doing in 2020.

The new year is here, and although resolutions along with big picture goals are great, it’s a MUST that we check our daily habits.

Here are some healthy and productive habits that will both improve and elevate your lifestyle:

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Not only is reading therapeutic, but it also enhances your memory, expands your vocabulary and boosts your analytical thinking. The easiest way to step up your reading in 2020 is to get a library card! You can either check out a physical book or check out ebooks to read on your phone, iPad, etc. There’s also free audio books right at the palm of your hand!

Turn Off the Radio

Speaking of audio books, they’re one way to listen to the radio LESS and indulge in more positive, productive listening more! This can also be achieved with podcasts. There are so many podcasts out there. Some of my favorites include expediTIously with T.I “Tip Harris”, The Casey Crew, Slay Girl Slay, Transformation Church and soooo much more.

Invest in Your Health

For some, this can be easier said than done. Remember, it doesn’t matter how you start — just start. Eat healthier by choosing more fruits and veggies, and less fast foods. Hit the gym, even if it means starting by walking ten minutes a day on the treadmill. Get an accountability party, attend a fitness class, etc.

Side note: I have a gym membership at Planet Fitness, and their “strength” fitness class lasts just 20 minutes and gives you an amazing full body workout!

Plan out your days

Planning our your day is key to staying productive, accomplishing your most important tasks and staying prepared. This is why in my eyes, planners are key! Check out my post on The Best Planners to Slay Your 2020 for a couple of my faves.

What habits are you planning on/have already incorporated into your daily routine?



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