Coping with Coronavirus + New Beauty Buys from Walmart

Coping with Coronavirus + New Beauty Buys from Walmart

First of all, how are you?

Times are definitely crazy and I am praying for your sanity, safety and health amid this Coronavirus pandemic.

It’s interesting, because some people are taking the situation lightly while others are freaking all the way out. As for me, I’m remaining calm, staying prepared and prayed up. I know that this is a serious situation. People are dying, the number of cases are increasing daily, and hello? Most people are locked in their homes without the luxury of dining out at restaurants, hitting the gym or shopping at our favorite places. Speaking of businesses being shut down, a lot of people are working from home in order to practice social distancing and prevent the spread of COVID19.

I, however, have still been clocking into the workplace. The changes have been crazy. I talk all about in my Chit Chat Get Ready W/ Me video below:

On a brighter side (because it’s a MUST to look on the bright side in situations like this) I did pick up some new beauty buys while stopping at Walmart for more groceries.

Sidebar: I am not one of the crazy hoarders and toilet paper takers. However, I am buying more groceries than I normally do in case of an emergency, but nothing too crazy.

My beauty buys are also mentioned in my YouTube video, but in case you prefer to see a list, here it is:

1. OGX Anti-Breakage Keratin Oil Shampoo + OGX Argan Oil of Morocco Conditioner

If I’m not getting my hair done at the salon (which obviously isn’t an option right now) I’m using the OGX hair care line. I love their shampoos and conditioners! These are my go-to’s but I also like the Biotin & Collagen line as well.

Price: $5.47

2. Freeman Detoxifying Charcoal + Black Sugar Mud Mask

I absolutely love charcoal masks, they’re great for removing all impurities and giving you a deep clean. Also, let’s not forget self care, which is crucial during this time. This mask is easy to use and affordable! It smells amazing and is the kind of mask that hardens. Once you rinse it off it leaves your skin feeling tight and smooth.

Price: ONLY $1.37

3. 7th Heaven Charcoal Peel-Off Mask

I know some people aren’t a fan of peel-off masks…but I love them! There’s something about actually pulling off the dirt and guck off of your face that is so satisfying. I also love how tight my skin feels afterwards and believe these are great for tightening pores (just my personal theory). I’ve actually never tried this particular brand before, but I’m looking forward to it!

Price: also ONLY $1.37

4. Biorè Rose Quartz + Charcoal Cleanser

Ive been using this cleanser for about two weeks now. It works to deep clean and purify your pores and is great for oily skin. You can feel it working as soon as you put it on, with this cooling tingly feeling. I wouldn’t recommend using this as a morning cleanser because it really opens your pores. However, it’s great for night time skincare, especially if you plan on masking afterwards.

5. Wet ‘n’ Wild Cucumber Prime + Set + Refresh Spray

Honestly, I hate the smell of this stuff. I grabbed it because I wanted to add a hydrating spray to my makeup routine. I will admit it does a pretty good job of refreshing and priming the face, but I truly dislike the smell lol.

6. Elf Precise Brow Pencil

If you’ve ever seen my eyebrows on fleek, nine times out of ten it’s because of this product right here! I use the shade neutral and I love that the micro pencil allows you to get authentic-looking hairline strokes when doing your brows. My fave!

Price: $5.00

7. Elf Daily Brush Cleanser

Brush cleansers are great for cleaning your brush on the daily (or every other day) so that you don’t have to deep clean them as often. This Elf brush cleanser smells AMAZING and it actually does clean your brushes. I usually do a couple of sprays and then wipe my brush back and forth on a piece of paper towel until there’s no more product.

Price: $4.00

8. Elf Brush Shampoo

Brush shampoos are great for deep cleaning your makeup brushes, especially when there’s a lot of product build up. Normally I use shampoo or regular soap to clean my makeup brushes. I’ve been wanting to try an actual brush cleanser for quite some time. This one was very inexpensive. Stay posted for a review!

Price: $4.95



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