What You Need to Know Before Joining A Wine Club

What You Need to Know Before Joining A Wine Club

It’s no secret I am a HUGE fan of wine budding wine connoisseur. Honestly, it wasn’t until I read Michelle Obama’s Becoming that I considered joining a wine club: Why am I not apart of one? I love wine, I’m a career woman with adequate success and…I love wine! Boom! The search began. However, before you begin your search, here are __ things you should know before joining a wine club.

Find out what you like

There are so many wines out there, which is why knowing what you like is super important. Wines range from a taste scale of dry to sweet. Sweet is exactly what it sounds like…SWEET (and my personal favorite). On the other hand, dry wines tend to be a bit more tart and bitter tasting.

The best way to find out what you like is to go wine tasting! Or you can have your own wine tasting at home by grabbing one wine from each tasting category (dry, semi-dry, semi-sweet, sweet). Here’s a list of options to choose from. Wine clubs like Winc provide an online questionnaire to help you find wines that fit you best!


There are many different wine clubs with different membership fees, so do your research. I can tell you this! The most affordable wine for millennials is definitely Winc. They have plans starting as low as $39 a month for 3 bottles of wine. You also have the option of receiving ; bottles of wine for $52 a month (shipping is included) or 5 bottles for $65 (shipping also includes). If you don’t want to commit to joining the club just yet, you can also order individual bottles of wine starring at $13.

Know what you’re getting

Most wine clubs will either send you their recommended red and white wines, or allow you to choose your own (again, which is why it’s important that you know what you like). Clubs vary on how many wines they will send you per shipment, as well as if those shipments will be sent out monthly or quarterly (every three months). It’s also important to consider a potential wine clubs collection of wine. Do they have a wide variety? Are there quality wines in their collection that you’d be interested in trying or receiving?

Decide if it’s worth it

Overall, considering the pricing and what you’re getting in return, decide if it’s worth it. For me, I enjoy being stocked up on wine and not having to worry about running to the store when the weekend hits because I don’t have any. I love receiving a variety of new wines to try, especially when I find a favorite!

If you’re thinking about joining a wine club, I highly recommend WINC. Here’s $22 off your first order!



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