How To Celebrate Your Birthday During A Pandemic

How To Celebrate Your Birthday During A Pandemic

Happy #CancerSeason!

I celebrated my 25th birthday on July 11th *cue Beyoncé 7/11* during a whole pandemic. Unfortunately, that will be the case for many of us during this COVID-19 crisis.

One thing you should know about me is that I LOVE celebrating birthdays, especially my own! If you watched my 24th Birthday Vlog, you’ll notice that I kind of like to do the most. But why not? I was blessed to see another year of life and I’m going to celebrate that!

But, doing the most during a pandemic? and staying safe? That’s a challenging task to say the least. Which is why I celebrated my 25th birthday a bit differently than year’s past, more lowkey—and I know that will be the case for many of us. If you’re feeling down about your birthday during this pandemic or wondering how you should celebrate, here are a few tips:

1. Pick A Birthday Outfit

The saying “when you look good, you feel good” is real! A cute outfit instantly puts me in a good mood, and will definitely lift your spirits if you’re celebrating your special day during this pandemic. I grabbed my dress months before my birthday for just $10 at Walmart. I had no intentions of it being my birthday dress, but with it being so cute and still not being worn — I thought it’d be perfect, and it was!

Side note: you don’t have to spend money on a new birthday fit. My backup dress was another that had been sitting in my closet and only worn once!

2. Don’t Forget Your Birthday Nails

Whether you’re braving the nail salons or opting for press-ons, get those nails done! This honestly goes back to the looking good and feeling good spill. Me, personally, I’ve still been avoiding nail salons and decided to go for these press-ons from Kiss Nails. What’s amazing is how SHOCKED everyone was at the fact that they were press-ons. Oh, and they were only $8.99!

3. Grab Some Balloons

Let’s face it, balloons are a birthday staple and scream “IT’S MY BIRTHDAY!”. No matter how you’re celebrating, make sure you have some of these. They also make for a great picture prop.

4. Take Pictures

Speaking of pictures, take some (or a lot, whichever floats your boat lol). One, it gives you a reason to smile during these crazy times. Two, photo shoots are a mood booster. Three, evidence of you successfully celebrating your birthday during a whole pandemic!

5. Celebrate Comfortably

Lastly, no matter how you choose to celebrate, do so comfortably. Although the pandemic is ongoing, some people are carrying on as if it isn’t. If you don’t feel comfortable having a big celebration, don’t feel bad. And if you do? Be safe boo.

Here are some ideas for celebrating your birthday SAFELY during a pandemic:

– Virtual party via Zoom

– Carryout & Chill (patio, park, beach)

– Birthday picnic

– Outdoor/Indoor wine tasting

My 25th birthday included Carry Out & Chill from one of my favorite restaurants, which we enjoyed on the patio with music, wine and lots of sunshine (followed by an uneventful game night because I kept losing lol). My love and family also spoiled me with gifts (which made up for the pandemic birthday…you can check out my unboxing video here) and I also spoiled myself on my birthday eve at Somerset Mall. All in all, I made the most of my birthday during these crazy times and am so blessed to see another year!

How are you/have you celebrated your birthday during this pandemic? Comment below!

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