Top 3 Places to Buy Affordable Fitness Sets for Women

Top 3 Places to Buy Affordable Fitness Sets for Women

I’m not going to lie, wearing something cute while working out is a huge motivation for me. When I first started working out, it helped me look and feel like my head was in the game before I even began my reps.

At first, expanding my workout wardrobe was a challenge. I could not believe how expensive some sets were — I mean $30-40 for the top and around the same price for bottoms. I didn’t and still don’t believe in paying that much for something you’re just going to sweat out. But I do believe in looking good and feeling good while working out. Which is why I made it my business to find some great fitness sets for a great price.

So here are my Top 3 few places to shop for affordable fitness sets and pieces:


Yes, SHEIN sells workout clothes…and they are super affordable! I shared some of my faves in my latest YouTube video:

You can buy a set (yes top and bottom included) for around $20 and individual pieces around $5-$15. If you plan on grabbing some work out clothes from SHEIN, be sure to use my discount code Q3BE15 for more amazings.


Amazon is another site with affordable fitness sets for women. They range from around $25-30, but when you factor in that you’re getting two items (top and bottom) for that price, it’s not bad at all!


You can also find affordable fitness sets at Forever 21. They have sets that are around $30, but you can also find them on sale for around $20. However, for the most part, these items are a la carte. Meaning you can choose to buy only the top, only the bottoms, or both to make it a complete set. Pieces that aren’t already sold as a full set usually cost around $10-$20 each (the range will vary depending on if you’re getting something simple vs a popular print/design).

Shop My Fave Fitness Sets Here:

Use discount code “Q3BE15”


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