Top Planners for 2021 + How to Stay Consistent

Top Planners for 2021 + How to Stay Consistent

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Staying consistent can be a struggle. I haven’t always had it together when it came to balancing my work life and blog along with creating content on a consistent basis. But, there is one thing that has helped me a ton — Planners!

I love shopping for planners. They play a huge role in keeping me on track and focused on my goals, so it is a MUST that I absolutely love whatever planner I commit to for the year.

There are so many different planners out there. Some serve the same purpose — allowing you to jot down important dates throughout the month and week. While others serve different purposes, like focusing on your business, blog, content and more. Here are some of my highly recommend planners to help you achieve your goals and stay consistent in 2021:

Happy Planner

The Happy Planner is a perfect monthly and weekly planner for just about anyone. I love that it allows you to jot down important dates throughout the month and your “to-do’s” for each day throughout the week.

It also has the cutest designs, motivational quotes and prompts to set your intention for each month.

Top 3 Planner

This planner is perfect if you want to focus on your specific goals on a daily basis. This planner focuses on a system that helps you prioritize your 3 most important goals for every day, instead of becoming overwhelmed with a long list of tasks!

Blog Planner

The Ultimate Blog Planner by Lovet Agency is great for outlining and finalizing your blog posts. I love the sleek design, fill-in calendar and motivational quotes that come along with it!

Instagram Planner

The Instagram Planner by Lovet Agency is a great tool to help you stay present and consistent on Instagram. It has a profile checklist, hashtag planner and even a vision board. Plus, just like the blog planner, it also comes with a full-in calendar and motivational quotes!

I hope this helps you accomplish everything that you desire in 2021 and beyond! 



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