Animal Print Dresses for Date Night

Animal Print Dresses for Date Night

Outfit Details (similar):

If you’re trying to spice it up for date night, animal print dresses are definitely the way to go!

They are timeless and alluring prints that will for sure set the mood. If you haven’t noticed by now, my go-to’s are typically leopard and cheetah prints. I keep waiting for the day when I’m finally sick of both, but despite the many items in my closet with these animal prints…that day has yet to come (and probably never will).

I love how simple this animal print dress is. It’s a fitted cami dress, but stands out so much because of the print. It’s also very unique, because the print is a mixture of leopard, cheetah and even some zebra stripes on the sides. I knew pairing this dress with these cheetah print earrings and red liquid lipstick would be the perfect touch.

I always feel empowered and confident while wearing animal prints, and although your closet doesn’t have to be FULL of them like mine, I highly recommend grabbing a piece or two — especially for date night.



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