Makeup Tips for Peeling Skin | Post-Microneedling

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Recently I did something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time…I got my first micro needling treatment at Rejuv Ave.! One of the main reasons I was interested in this treatment was to help shrink my pores and improve my overall texture.

Well, part of the procedure is peeling skin! My skin began to peel about a couple of days post-treatment. It was so gross, yet satisfying lol! Thankfully you’re able to wear makeup after the first 24hours to help conceal your peeling skin. However, there are certain tips and tricks you should keep in mind when applying makeup to peeling skin to help it look as normal as possible!

1. Use a buffing brush to apply foundation

Using a buffing brush to apply your foundation will help you tremendously when it comes to concealing that peeling skin. It’s much better than using a beauty blender, which will likely result in you in bouncing the peeling skin to different areas of your face. Buffing it in will keep it in place and blend it into your skin easier.

2. Use minimal product

Less is more! Peeling skin could cause you to have a cakey appearance when applying makeup. Which is why it’s important to make sure you’re using minimal product and not overdoing it, especially in areas that are peeling worst than others.

3. Keep highlighting to a minimum

When highlighting with a concealer you want to make sure you do so right beneath your eyes and avoid dragging it down to your cheeks. That will only enhance the peeling…which won’t be cute lol. If you’re a fan of shimmer highlighting like me, you may want to avoid it so that you don’t draw more attention to your skin peeling.

4. Lightly set your makeup

You want to use a little powder as possible to set your face. I suggest using a fluffy brush and lightly tapping it into your powder. You can also tap or blow off excess powder on your beauty blender before lightly setting highlighted areas.

5. Don’t blend, stipple

When contouring/bronzing and applying blush don’t blend, stipple! Again, blending will further disturb your peeling skin and cause it to lift. Instead, stipple minimal product onto your skin and build from there.

6. Use setting spray to prime face before and after makeup application

Setting spray will allow you to prime and prep your skin without having to use an actual primer, so that you aren’t using too many products on your skin and further rubbing the peeling skin around. Of course, once you’re all done applying your makeup you want to set it to finish off your flawless look.

My go-to products post-microneedling:

I hope this post was helpful! If you have any question about microneedling or post microneedling skincare drop them in the comments.



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