Faith Quotes & Fashion: Bomber Jacket Style

Faith Quotes & Fashion: Bomber Jacket Style

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"God is within her, she will not fail" - Psalm 46:5 

My favorite bible verse plastered on the front (and back) of this vibrant, pink bomber jacket. There's something about faith quotes and fashion. It's empowering, it's inspiring and it gives you confidence like no other. 

I love a good bomber jacket. It's the perfect piece to pair with almost anything. I like to pull them out on cooler days or when I'm going for a chill look. I paired this one with some ripped jeans and pink huaraches (obviously to match the jacket). 

This bomber jacket was actually a gift from my Pops! He knows me too well! This very verse was written on my graduation cap when I graduated from college back in 2016, it's also in my Instagram bio (@JamieSherrodTV), and you've probably noticed it more than a few times in my Instagram stories. 

To me, it means there is nothing that I can't do or accomplish without God. My faith in him makes all things possible and failure impossible. As I'm pushing and working towards my goals, I know at the end of the day I will be successful, no matter the minor obstacles, delays and challenges. 

So, having a piece like this puts that reminder front and center whenever I wear it! 

What's your favorite bible verse?





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