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Must Have Home Organization Buys

Must Have Home Organization Buys

Now that the weather is cooling down, I’m even more focused on making sure my place is all the way together.

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I love adding pieces that will help elevate my home and keep me organized. I recently purchased a few items that have given me such a peace of mind and in my opinion are MUST HAVE home buys.

1. Tea organizer

I am a tea drinker. I love my tea and have lots of it! Instead of having cluttered a drawer full of different tea boxes, I use a tea organizer to separate and organize them by flavor.

2. Teaspoons

Stop reaching for regular spoons and grab teaspoons for your tea or coffee (at least this was my problem). Personally, I don’t go through my spoons as quickly by having a specific set for tea and another set for eating.

3. Marble coasters

I finally stopped procrastinating on grabbing some coasters! This helps to avoid water spots and damaging your countertops or tables. Plus, you can’t beat a coaster design like this one!

4. Black mesh silverware drawer

Instead of a basic, plastic silverware drawer, this mesh one is a great way to step it up and accomplish more of a luxe look in your kitchen

5. Glass mouthwash set

I used to despise the big bulky listerine bottle that sat on my counter. I’ve always wanted something more appealing for my mouthwash to sit in. This glass mouthwash set is PERFECT and even comes with a couple of reusable plastic cups.

6. Apothecary set

If you haven’t noticed by now, I like putting things in cute containers. An apothecary set allows me to do just that! I use this set for my vitamins, floss picks and cotton pads. Of course, there’s so many other things you can use these for too!



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