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How to Achieve an At Home Silk Press

How to Achieve an At Home Silk Press

I’m so used to getting my hair done at the salon every two weeks! But, with the way the economy is (inflation, borderline recession…or are we already in a recession?) I’m saving where I can (plus I realized that spending $70 every two weeks at the salon is a lot of money regardless 🥴). Lately, I’ve been rotating between going to the salon and doing my own at-home silk presses. Now, to be clear, I’ve always been good at doing my own hair. I just prefer to get it done because 1.) I have super thick hair 2.) It takes me forever to do it myself 3.) I love self-care/getting pampered…and going to the hair salon is one of the ways I like to do that!

So, what’s taking on the task once a month? I recently tried the most BOMB combo that gave me amazing results for an at home silkpress. There are definitely some must have products to get it right, because I will admit, my hair doesn’t always turn out like THIS. Yes it’s still looked good in the past, but this is giving…sis just stepped out of the salon chair — but really did her own hair at home!

If you want a successful at-home silk press, here’s what you need!

1. A GOOD shampoo & conditioner combo

I like to use shampoo and conditioner combinations that are from the same line or brand. Make sure the products are tailored towards your hair type or concerns (ex: for dry hair, dandruff, etc.). Also, don’t be afraid to invest in your hair. Although there are some decently priced shampoos and conditioners at the drugstore, spending a little more money could be what’s necessary for amazing, long lasting results.

2. Deep conditioner and/or moisture mask (the real game changer)

Deep conditioning is a great way to hydrate and soften your hair, improve hair elasticity, prevent hair breakage and restore moisture. I always see such a difference in my hair when deep conditioning vs. not. However, I recently tried a hair mask for the very first time and am absolutely in love. It’s very similar to deep conditioning but works to penetrate and repair/strengthen your strands even deeper. Whether you’re deep conditioning or using a hair mask, pick one! Or alternate and do both. I like to use a deep conditioning cap for both methods around 10-15 minutes and rinse with water as cold as you can stand it (to lock in the moisture).

3. Leave-in conditioner

Leave-in conditioners are another way to provide moisture to your hair, control frizz, and is a huge help when it comes to detangling. This in addition to a deep conditioner or mask makes the blow drying process soooo much easier!

4. Heat protectant spray/serum

A heat protectant spray is very important to prevent as much heat damage as possible. Many also help prevent frizz and aid in a sleek, straight finish. It’s important not to overuse this product (or any of the products mentioned for that matter) to avoid your hair being weighed down and less likely to have that silk press finish. Pro tip: My stylist recently taught me to use spray versions of heat protectant on wet hair, and heat protectant serums on dry hair!

5. Lightweight finishing oil

The keyword here is LIGHTWEIGHT. Again, you don’t want the product to weigh down your hair. I like to take a dime size of lightweight oil (sometimes less than that) and moisturize my hair one final time (especially my ends) as the last step to my at-home silk press!

Here are some other things to keep in mind when attempting to do your own silk press at home:

Try to use the chasing method when flat ironing your hair. I used to be so against this method, but it truly helps in getting all of your strands straight.

Detangling is key! Start at the bottom and work your hair up. This helps to prevent damage and sets you up for an smooth blow drying process.

Try to pass the flat iron throughout your hair as few times as possible and do it slowly (but not too slow). Again, this helps to get your hair as straight as possible and less passes = less damage.

Finally, I leave you with this, because it is truly the key to getting that silk press finish. Use MINIMAL product outside of shampoo and conditioner. it’s hard not to get excited about what products promise, and want to just slather it all over your head. However, this weighs your hair completely down and can do more harm than good.



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