2022 Recap + 2023 Goals

2022 Recap + 2023 Goals

Hello 2023! 2022 definitely flew by! We’re now five months into the new year (admittedly, this post has been sitting in my drafts for a few months now…whoops!)

I think it’s so important to be intentional about the new year, your vision and the things that you want to accomplish. I encourage you to write down your goals and what exactly you want your year to look like.

I go more into detail about my 2022 Recap + 2023 goals in this video!

2022 RECAP:

For me, 2022 was a great year! But, it was also a tough one. I was really looking forward to creating content consistently and growing my social platforms, but that didn’t happen. At the end of 2021, I accepted a new job opportunity and moved to a new city on a different side of the state.

I moved to Grand Rapids and I had to completely adjust. I was further away from family and moving alone so I had to get used to that. My content and social media kind of went on the back burner because of it. Initially, it was just a lot, so I gave myself Grace. If you find yourself in a new season, or there’s been a life change for you, my advice is to give yourself grace, because if you don’t it’s going to make things much more harder and stressful.

So that was the biggest change and tough part of 2022.


One thing I wanted to do in 2022 was TRAVEL. I got my passport right before the pandemic hit, for a planned trip to London. Obviously there was no traveling, then a year after COVID it’s there was still a lot of hesitancy with traveling. But finally in 2022 I was comfortable and I was READY! My first trip of the year was to Aruba, which was amazing. It was so pretty and so much fun, I would definitely go back there. I also went to Cancun, Mexico, Las Vegas, Windsor, Canada and took a family cruise through the Western Caribbean. It seemed like every couple of months I had a trip planned and that was everything.

Paid off my car

I also paid off my freaking car, which was major! I didn’t even know I was so close to paying it off. When you’re just making payments and paying your bills, things fly by. Paying off my car wasn’t on my goal list of 2022, so it was just one of those unexpected blessings and surprises.


I got even deeper in my word. Every year I have spiritual goals. I’m always really good about reading my devotionals and being in my word, but for 2022 I wanted to dig even deeper. I wanted to actually devote more time to writing about what I learned. I tried the S.O.A.P method; which stands for Scripture, Observation, Application and Prayer.I absolutely loved it because I feel like it gave me a greater understanding of the scripture that I’m reading and how to apply it to day-to-day life to be a better Christian and a better person. This is something I plan to continue doing that in 2023. I was also more intentional about starting each and every day with God first!

New MacBook

Buying a new MacBook was on one of my goals for 2022. The MacBook that I had before was running slow and it would take forever for me to edit videos, upload videos, play my sims and even get on the internet. Very annoying, so a new laptop was a must! I’m very happy I made that investment and I have a lot of vlogs all of the places that I told you I traveled that will soon be coming to my Youtube channel.


I also got back into the gym! During the pandemic I mainly did at-home workouts, even though before the pandemic I was consistently in the gym. My motivation was a kickboxing class I did during my trip to Cancun. It was so much fun that I found some to take through the Barre Code once I returned home. I also tried out Pilates and officially got back into the gym, going 3-4 days a week. It feels so great to be back! This is probably the most fit I’ve been, and I’m not only putting in work in the gym but also making sure I’m eating healthy too!


Another thing that happened in 2022, is I’ve really been thriving in my new workplace! I work in such a healthy environment with great people. If you who don’t know, I’m a TV journalist (News Anchor and Reporter). I accepted a Weekend Anchor position in Grand Rapids, so I anchor Fri-Sun and report Mon-Tue. Five months into me accepting this position, I was chosen to anchor weekday nights while one of the main anchors went on maternity leave. This was such a great opportunity, and it also gave me weekends off for a few months (which matched up with my family and boyfriends’s schedule).


I read seven books in 2022. I do plan to write a blog post sharing all of the books I read.I was very intentional about wanting to read more and just being consistent with reading. I love reading, so I intentionally took at least 10 minutes every morning to read.

2023 GOALS

I’m a huge believer in moving in silence, so I’m not going to share ALL of my goals, but I will share a few.


This year I’m hoping to read at least one book a month, so about 12!


I want to keep the same travel energy that I had in 2022 in 2023. I really want to travel to London this year!

New car

I want a new car! Specifically, I want a luxury compact SUV. No matter what, I’ll be excited to have a new car. In the meantime, I’m going to enjoy not having a car payment while I can!

Getting back in my content bag!

The last thing that I’ll share with you guys that I’m hoping to accomplish in 2023, is getting back to consistently creating quality, valuable and inspiring content. I’m excited to post more blogs, YouTube videos and Instagram posts. I am planning to do more travel content since I’ve been traveling a lot more lately, so I hope you look forward to that!

My hopes for you

I pray that this is an AMAZING year for you, I prayed that in 2023 that you have more wins than losses, I pray for your success, that this will be a prosperous and productive year for you!



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