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Vacation Outfits and Swimsuit Sets You’ll Love

Am I the only one who loves to buy NEW outfits for an upcoming vacation? It’s honestly part of the the planning process for me. Book the flight/rental, book the hotel/air bnb, find things to do, and buy some cute…


Satin Cami Dress: My Fabulous Birthday Dress!

On July 11th, I celebrated my 26th birthday! I spent the weekend in Chicago and had such an amazing time (blog post + vlog coming soon). I knew I wanted to look grown, sexy and classy for my birthday celebration.…


My Definition of a Hot Girl Summer

Before Summer even started, I told myself I was going to have a “hot girl summer”! Now that can mean many different things depending on who you ask. Or if you’re familiar with Houston hottie Meg the Stallion’s version…then you…


Ruffled Skirts for Summer

Outfit Details (similar): Skirts are a Summer piece that I feel are so slept on! There’s nothing like having the hot sun beaming on your legs while being able to move around so freely. This red ruffled skirt (similar) is…


Animal Print Dresses for Date Night

Outfit Details (similar): If you’re trying to spice it up for date night, animal print dresses are definitely the way to go! They are timeless and alluring prints that will for sure set the mood. If you haven’t noticed by…


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